Conference Registration

Registration General Information

To register to the conference, please select one of the options:

Note: All prices are USD

Miembro - Participación a tiempo completo / Member - Full time Conference participant / Membre - Particiapant à la conférence à peleen temps


Estudiante / Student / Etudiant


Participación de un día / One day Participant / Participation d'un jour


No Miembro - Participación a tiempo completo / Non Member - Full time Conference participant / Non Membre - Particiapant à la conférence à peleen temps


Retirado / Retired / Retraité


Payment Options

Tranferencia Bancaria
International Postal Service

All payments must be received in USD.

The conference payment can be made by any of the following alternatives: Bank Transfer or International mail delivery, preferably USPS.

Bank transfer in US dollars

Electronic transfers require an additional payment of $15.00 USD  which you must add to the total amount.

To make a payment with Bank Transfer, complete the Registration Form and select the “Enrollment options”. Then you must contact  Mrs. Eloisa Marrero-Sera, Conference Coordinator to the following eMail:  or ;  or with  Mr. Víctor Manuel Belén-Lora, Exhibits Coordinator, to the following eMail: or  for instructions.

International Mail Delivery

Send your payment by bank check (no personal check) or money order to ACURIL 2018 República Dominicana to the following address:

ACURIL 2018 República Dominicana

a/c Biblioteca Central

Universidad Nacional Pedro Hermiquez Ureña

Av. John F. Kennedy, km 7 1/2
Santo Domingo, República Dominicana


[For telephone assistance: 1-809.562.6601, ext. 2301/2401; Cel. 1-829-848-3383;

All payments must be made in USD. Personal checks are not accepted

Kindly note that all payments must be received not later than 15 May 2018. If we have not received full payment for your registration fee and have not had any written communication from you in regards to your registration payment by the 15 May 2018 your registration will be canceled and you will need to re-register onsite at the Conference at the on-site registration rate.

For additional information regarding registration please contact:

Confirmation Instructions

The Organizing Committee will send out confirmation of your registration within two weeks after receipt of your payment. If you have not received a confirmation two weeks after having made payment, please contact ACURIL 2018 República Dominicana

Alterations and Amendments to Registrations

Alterations to your registration will not be accepted over the telephone. Please email any amendments or alterations to the Organizing Committee, email:

Cancellation and Refunds

Notification of registration cancellation and refund requests must be submitted on or before 15 April 2018 in writing to the Organizing Committee. The charge for registration cancellations received on or before 15 April 2018 is $50.00 US dollars.

For cancellations after 15 April 2018, no refunds will be given. Delegates who cannot attend May, under certain conditions, name a substitute to take their registration. Please contact the Organizing Committee if this is applicable to you.