Registration Fees (USD)

Conference registration fees before and after May 15, 2018

These rates include attendance to plenary sessions, workshops, seminars, special interest groups, documents; visits; certificates; coffee breaks; banquet; and cultural activities organized by ACURIL 2018 República Dominicana.
Attendance to one-day conference sessions includes the corresponding documents and certificate. Does not include assistance to cultural and social activities.

Anticipated Registration Deadline

The deadline for registration at the standard rate is May 15,  2018.Your registration will only be considered valid when payment has been received and fully cleared by the bank.
All payments received after May 15,  2018 will automatically be charged the registration fees applying after that date.

Online Registration Deadline

After May 30, 2018 on-line registration will close and all new registrations can only be made at the “Conference New Registration” desk at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Santo Domingo.

Registration Fee Covers

Registration Fee Covers

  • Name badge – ID
  • Conference documentation
  • Admission to all sessions
  • Admission to Exhibits and Posters Boulevard
  • Opening Ceremonies, Reception Red Carpet Closing Ceremony and Banquet
  • Cultural Activities

For One Day Registration

  • Name badge
  • Conference documentation
  • Admission to all sessions on the day of registration
  • Admission to exhibition on the day of registration

For Accompanying Persons*

  • Name badge
  • Admission to exhibition
  • Opening ceremony
*Accompanying Person Definition
An “accompanying person” is a participant that is accompanying a regular delegate, speaker or a student delegate. Other participant types cannot have an accompanying person. Accompanying persons have access to the conference venue and receive the benefits as detailed above. If interested to attend other cultural and official activities, the person will be able to attend at a reasonable cost:
  • Cultural evening – $75.00 USD
  • Closing Ceremony and Banquet – $100.00 USD

Payment and Registration Fees


The conference payments can be made through the following alternatives:
by PayPal, Bank Transfer (USD), or by International Postal Service, preferably USPS. All payments must be made in US dollars (USD).





PayPal will allow you to make your payment using credit cards (Visa, Master Cards, Discover, American Express) and debit cards. To make the payment you must complete the registration form and select the PayPal alternative.
To make the payment with PayPal you must have an account in PayPal and from there make the payment, using the email
 Please, add the purpose of the payment and your full name in the Note that appears below the amount to be paid.
For example: Registration to the ACURIL Conference 2018 Dominican Republic, María González.
In case of an exhibitor, kindly specify the company or institution and the purpose of the subscription (tables, sponsorship, etc.)
When using Paypal you must add ten dollars (US $ 10.00) more to the amount that you are going to send, which is the percentage PayPal charges for your service. In the case of exhibitors for every thousand dollars (US $ 1,000.00) they must add a charge of fifty-five dollars (US $ 55.00).
Steps to make payment with PAYPAL

Select the option Pay items or services







You must write the email account :







Indicate the amount to pay. It is not necessary to specify the shipping address and it must be done in dollars. Please, do not convert the currency to Dominican pesos.

Apply the payment and the process is successfully ended!



The electronic transfer has a cost of US $ 50.00 plus 0.15% of the total amount (including US $ 50.00).  To make the payment by Bank Transfer you must complete the electronic registration form and select the “registration only” alternative.
It is important that the following is taken into account:
To make the payment by Bank Transfer you must complete the electronic registration form and select the “registration only” alternative.
It is important that the following is taken into account:
In the information that will be given to you from the bank transfer, three banks’ data appear, because it is the mechanism used by Vimenca bank to receive your transfers, they are the following:
Bank of America (it is the international intermediary bank);
Banco de Reservas de la Rep. Dom. (it is the beneficiary-intermediary bank in Rep. Dom.);
Banco Múltiple Vimenca  (it is the bank where the ACURIL Organizing Committee account is located, which will receive your payment finally).
You have to be very aware that the person who makes this transfer of funds, when filling the Swift message, in field 70 must specify: For additional credit to the account: 102136712. In the name of: Eloisa Marrero or Víctor Belén, otherwise the amount transferred would not be reflected in our account and your payment may be affected.
Each transfer has a cost of US $ 50.00 plus 0.15% of the total amount (including US $ 50.00) ». Example: If your payment is for US $ 1,000.00, you must transfer to the account US $ 1,065.75. This amount covers the costs specified in the previous paragraph.
 You may contact Mrs. Eloísa Marrero-Sera, Conference Coordinator, at the following e-mail address:  or
In the event that you are an exhibitor, please contact Mr. Víctor Manuel Belén-Lora, Exhibition Coordinator, to the following email:  or  to request bank transfer instructions.


Any payment by certified institutional bank check (not personal) or money order must be sent to: Eloísa Marrero, at the following address:
ACURIL 2018 República Dominicana
a/c Biblioteca Central
Universidad Nacional Pedro Henríquez Ureña
Av. John F. Kennedy, km 7 1/2
Santo Domingo, D.N., República Dominicana, Código postal 10511
It will be important to add in the comments or note of the check or money order: Conferencia ACURIL 2018 República Dominicana. All payments must be made in US dollars (USD). They can be certified institutional checks.  Personal checks are not accepted.
For telephone inquiries, please contact us through: 1-809.562.6601, ext. 2301/2401; Cel. 1-829-848-3383.1-829-848-3383.

Confirmation Instructions

The registration  Committee will send out confirmation of your registration within two weeks after receipt of your payment. If you have not received a confirmation two weeks after having made payment, please contact ACURIL 2018 República

Alterations and Amendments to Registrations

Alterations to your registration will not be accepted over the telephone. Please email any amendments or alterations to the registration Committee, email:

Cancellation and Refunds

Notification of registration cancellation and refund requests must be submitted on or before April 15, 2018 in writing to the Organizing Committee. The charge for registration cancellations received on or before April 15, 2018 is $50.00 US dollars.
For cancellations after April 15, 2018, no refunds will be given. Delegates who cannot attend May, under certain conditions, name a substitute to take their registration. Please contact the Organizing Committee if this is applicable to you.

Passport and Visas

For customs information regarding travel to Puerto Rico, please see our Passports and Visas webpage.

In addition, delegates need to note that some airlines such as COPA,  may require travelers to present a World Health Organization Immunization (WHO) Card which is referred to as the International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP).
To be sure, prior to travel, persons must ensure that they have all their immunization shots done (in particular yellow fever) and also visit their respective Health facilities to obtain the ICVP card.


In the event of “force majeur”, the ACURIL 2018 Dominican Republic Conference, and/or ACURIL its agents and/or the Organizing Committee have the right to immediately alter or cancel the Conference or any of the arrangements, timetables, plans or other items, relating directly or indirectly to the ACURIL 2018 República Dominicana Conference.
The participants shall not be entitled to any compensation of damages that result from such alteration or cancellation. Furthermore, ACURIL 2018 Dominican Republic Conference and/or the Organizing Committee and/or ACURIL shall at no time be liable for any direct or indirect damage suffered by the participants including consequential and immaterial damage caused by failure to comply with a provision of this registration and hotel booking form.
Participants are strongly advised to take out their own travel insurance and to extend their policy to cover personal possessions as the Congress does not cover individuals against cancellation of bookings or theft or damage of belongings.

Conference Dresscode

  • Opening and closing ceremony: Formal / Semi-formal
  • All other activities: Casual


Thank you for your kind collaboration.

It will be our pleasure to greet you in
ACURIL 2018 República Dominicana



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